Annita served as a teaching assistant in the Native American Studies department at the University of Lethbridge, and a faculty member in the Liberal Arts division at Blackfeet Community College, a tribal college serving the Blackfeet Nation and surrounding communities. Before that, she served as Coordinator of the Adult Education Program for the Pueblo of Isleta, and taught Ethnic Studies courses at Washington State University. Annita is an Institute for the Recruitment of Teachers alum, as well as an alum of the Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions' ELEVATE program. 

Annita's teaching philosophy is grounded in an understanding of education as a means for social change. For that reason, she designs her courses to combine rigorous academic skills development with student learning and reflection on key social and political issues. For example, her College Writing students practiced the editing process by proofreading scholarly and news articles on issues like cultural appropriation or Black Lives Matter, her Speech students learned to effectively advocate for themselves and their communities in political forums by analyzing speeches by Indigenous leaders like Haunani-Kay Trask and Rigoberta Menchu, and her Introduction to Critical Thinking students grappled with issues like police brutality, educational inequalities, and environmental racism in their daily class discussions. This approach to teaching helps students to gain the skills they need to succeed academically and professionally, while also encouraging their growth as community members and citizens, and to connect their studies with community service and positive social change. 


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