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Broadly speaking, Annita's research interests include Indigenous cartography, decolonizing and postcolonial geographies, Indigenous data sovereignty, violence against Indigenous peoples, femicide, Indigenous research methodologies, critical cartography, and legal geography. 


Annita is a 2021 recipient of a Lynn Staeheli Award, which supports her doctoral research. Her ongoing research examines the ways in which colonial data on violence against Indigenous people and the narratives around it further map violence on Indigenous bodies, peoples, and lands, and also explores mapping praxes developed by Indigenous survivors of violence as a means of confronting colonial systems of power and imagining new geographies of justice and safety. In doing so, she asks the following questions: 

  • What specific mechanisms are used to map violence on and against Indigenous peoples? What geographies of law, power, and knowledge production do they produce and rely on? What is at stake in these mapping projects? 

  • What does an Indigenous anti-violence mapping praxis look like, and how might mapping practices centered on principles of Indigenous self determination confront colonial regimes and chart paths to decolonization?

Annita has published in a wide variety of peer-reviewed scholarly journals, online platforms, and community-based reports. For a full list of her publications, see below. 

Academic Articles






  • Lucchesi, Annita. "Responding to Human Trafficking: Dispossession, Colonial Violence, and Resistance among Indigenous and Racialized Women." American Indian Culture and Research Journal 41 (3), 2018.

  • Lucchesi, Annita. “On Cartography (Review).” Transmotion 4 (1), 2018. 



  • Lucchesi, Annita. Mapping the Indigenous World. Atlas in a Day: Community. Guerrilla Cartography. 2020.

  • Lucchesi, Annita. Food Insecurity & Indigenous Nunavummiut [map]; Threats to Indigenous Food Traditions in North America [map]. Food: an Atlas. Guerrilla Cartography. 2013.


Online Publications

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